From the opening verses of John’s gospel, a number of truths about Christ are readily apparent:

  • Jesus Christ has eternally existed.
  • Jesus Christ has eternally existed alongside God the Father.
  • Jesus Christ is Himself God, with the Father.
  • Jesus Christ is the originator of all things.
  • Jesus Christ is life and is the source of life.

But with the advent of Christ, there are another set of remarkable truths added to Christ, truths that make His incarnation seem even more remarkable:

  • The eternal One now had a beginning.
  • The infinite One now added finiteness to Himself.
  • The One who created all things now became a created being.
  • The One who was the source of life now was given human life.
  • The One who was alongside God and was God was now also alongside man and was also man.
  • The Unseeable is now seen.
  • The One who is Light, comes to live in the darkness.

This, in part, if the meaning of Christmas.  It is the remarkable story of the eternal God assuming the mantle of manhood.