Are you happy?  Truly happy?  Content with your life and circumstances?  Are you free from anxiety and worry?  Does your sleep pattern reflect that you are resting and trusting in God?

The one who is truly happy is ultimately happy with God and His Word (Ps. 119:1-3).

We live in a world that craves happiness.  As one writer has noted, “The only people who do not want to be happy are abnormal.”  The problem is that we are like many from the beginning of time who seek it in the wrong place (e.g., Lot, his wife, and their daughters…).  But happiness is closer than many people realize.  And a sorrowful truth is that the place where happiness is promised is the place that too many reject.

What does the Psalmist say is the pathway to a blessed and happy life (Ps. 119:1)?  Scripture.

The way one lives is according to the law of God (law is used 25x in this psalm).  Here the word law should be understood not in the narrow sense of Mosaic Law, but in the broad sense of everything that God has ordained in His Word.  So to paraphrase this first verse, “They will be happy who live lives of integrity — the kind of life that flows out of obedience to the Word of God.”  The blessing of God is on those who live wisely, patterning their lives after the instruction of God’s revelation, His law.

The psalmist also makes a second affirmation of the blessing that flows from a Scripture saturated life — they observe His testimonies = they comply with and observe all His (gracious) rules.  But he expands the idea by also saying that they seek Him with all their heart.  They not only seek Him through their obedience and pursuit of God, but they seek Him with all their heart.  That is, this is no half-hearted attempt.  It is the totality of a heart that is given to God.

So happiness is found in the Word of God; thus the question for us today is not “are you reading your Bible?” but, “Are you mining all the riches that can be had from your Bible (Col. 3:16)?  Scripture will make you happy in God.  Are you seeking Him?  Are you seeking Him?