Having given a more detailed explanation of the blessings of God in Ephesians 1:3 already this morning, here is a brief summary of the contents of that verse:

  • Who has given blessing?  God the Father.
  • Who has received blessing?  Us — believers.
  • When will God bless us?  He already has blessed us!
  • With what has God blessed us?  every spiritual blessing.
  • Where has God blessed us?  in the heavenlies.
  • How has God blessed us?  in Christ.
  • What should our response be?  Bless the God and Father…

John Calvin offers a fitting response to this verse:

“Whatever happens to us, let us always assure ourselves that we have good cause to praise our God, and that even if we are poor and miserable in this world, the happiness of heaven is enough to appease us, to sweeten all our afflictions and sorrows, and to give us such content that we may nevertheless have our mouths open to bless God for showing himself so kindhearted and liberal towards us as even to adopt us as his children, and to show us that the heritage which has been purchased for us by the blood of his Son is ready for us, and that we cannot miss it, seeing that we go to it with true and invincible constancy of faith.”